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Crash when snooping


When I try to snoop a wpf application I get this error :

Error Snooping

There was an error snooping! Message=Impossible to load the component Windows PowerShell Microsoft.WSMan.Management because the assembly "Microsoft.WSMan" or one of its dependencies could not be loaded. Unable to find the file.

Stack Trace :

It was working fine few days ago.
I run snoop as administrator
I tryed to reinstall snoop.
The problem is the same for all the wpf applications.

Thanks for your help


imranshaik wrote Mar 25, 2016 at 12:58 PM

I downloaded the Source Code and put a try catch for InitShell() it loads but then it tries to load.

Got the error "Failed to grant minimum permission requests".

I assumed because the applications are not located in the same folder as my wpf exe.. I copied snoop and all ManagedInjectorLauncherXX-XX.exe to my exe location

This caused errors "Required Permission Cannot be Acquired" on the ManagedInjectorLauncherXX-XX.exe.
And my Application Crashed.

So I didn't go anywhere, at the end.

Such a shame "Snoop" is discontinued. And Shame on Microsoft for not integrating it as part of Visual Studio.